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My View

Saturday, 30 November 2013


As part of the post game process of last week's game, David rolled ' a chance encounter' on the exploration table. My Warband was randomly selected as opponents. The scenario is 'accidental meeting', which means that we each set up each other's figures, at least a 'long' away from each other.
                                           The initial set up.
My plan was to exit the table as quickly possible, avoiding unnecessary fights.

 David's leader attacked my grunt, expecting easy pickings. Alas! he was undone by David's habit of throwing 1s at the wrong moment and killed. My grunt was grusomely killed by an enraged Dark Elf, in return.

  Meanwhile, I had managed to gather most of my warband in one area.

 One of my ogres and my mage are trapped on the far side of the table. After some initial success, the ogre is killed.
              The Dark Elves gather on the far side of the river.
My mage is gruesomely killed.
 The ogre is gruesomely killed. The dark unicorn necromancer prepares to reanimate it.
Another of my isolated grunts is overcome and killed. At this point I managed to get my remaining warband members off the table to end the game, before the unicorn can animate the ogre. 

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