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My View

Sunday, 22 May 2016


In an effort to help me focus on, and complete, projects, I have decided to post regularly what is on my workbench. The theory being that, once in the public domain, I will have an incentive to complete them.

First up are the two projects for the next week or so are to paint three more SWAT team members for my A Fistful of Kung Fu cops. I also intend to paint a Crooked Dice Tiny Templeton figure for use as a supernatural investigator protagonist for my Cops.
Late Macedonian DBA army and reinforcements for my Cops. 
Secondly, I intend to do a bit of retouching of the paint job and flocking of bases on a DBA Late Macedonian army. This has been put together from a batch of assorted DBA figures that I bought at Carronade, from the flea market. There are enough figures to make up three  Late Macedonian DBA armies, so I will be able to cover all the variations.  There are also a large number of \Thracian figures for future projects.

Look out for an update.

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  1. I expect to see those SWAT figures painted when you come over on Wednesday.

    My Shaolin Monks now have some healthy fleshtones and orange robes, although they are far from finished. Hopefully I may get a bit more paint on them before the Wednesday game...