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My View

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Last Wednesday saw our first game of A Fistful of Kung Fu. David set out the terrain, consisting of a couple of buildings, a wood and a Japanese garden. The garden is a 2D print.

Del used his Demons an I gave my Cops their first outing.  The scenario was that my Cops had to find a hidden Person Of Interest in one of the main terrain features. The Demons were also on the look out for them. The scenario complication was a hidden Artefact. This meant that both sides would be doing a lot of searching!
A view of the terrain.

Another view of the printed Japanese Garden.

My Cops get their first outing. 
I decided to concentrate my force, to allow me to search systematically, whilst giving mutual support. Del split up his force with the Flying Demons and Human Cultists moving to search various points at the same time.
Early moves saw my cops search the house for the hidden POI. The Demons are spread out to cover more ground. 
After searching the first house, my SWAT team headed for the wood. Del's Taoist Sorcerer targeted them with a Fireball, killing or knocking down the whole team.

Del's Taoist Sorcerer casts a fireball, taking out the SWAT team.

My detective and a beat cop check out the first house.

After checking out the house, the detective takes a shot at Human Cultist. The Taoist Sorcerer and entourage are in the background. 

The Human Cultist rushes through a hail of bullets to attack the detective. He manages to take him out.

My Detective (protagonist), tried to flank the Demons but was taken out by a Human Cultist, who braved a hail of bullets to charge him down.

The last member of the SWAT team was taken out by a flying Demon, who was in turn taken out by my Veteran Cop. He also knocked down the Taoist Sorcerer, who had closed in for the kill with his entourage, with a powerful shotgun blast. As the Veteran Cop was my last man standing, We called the game as the Demons only had to stop me reaching my victory conditions to win.

Once we got going, the familiar systems from other 'Songs' games that we have played in the past came back to us. We will need to do a bit of research and familiarisation on the traits, stunts and magic, but overall, we are hooked!

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