My View

My View

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Last Saturday I made the annual pilgrimage to Carronade, the show put on by the Falkirk and District Wargames Club. I made the trip with David and his son Matthew. As we had booked a table at the flea market style bring and buy, we set off just before 7am, arriving at the venue just on 9.30am.
We had managed to get a table for the first and third hours. We would have had liked to get two consecutive hours as per last year. However, an administrative mix up meant that we didn't. Here is a shot of our table, just at the start of the sale.

I didn't get much time to go round the tables during the day. Here are a few photos that I managed to take.

 Leuchars, as usual, came up with an innovative participation game: Operation Chastise; The Dambusters Raid. The players take the roles of key crew members and attempt to drop their bomb on target.
 Oldmeldrum Wargames Group put on a demonstration game of Voltri 1796 using a set of fast play Napoleonic rules being developed by Alistair Massey from the club. That might come as a surprise to those who know Alistair!
 Two shots of Bannockburn 2014 by Dunfermline Wargames Club.They were using Commands and Colors rules. This appealed as It is something that we have done. Our experience is that the rules need too much tweaking and invention to cover the medieval period. Didn't have time to stop to find out how they found it.
 The Wings of War Aerodrome: UK Wing put on a WW1 game in the morning and in the Afternoon a WW2 game set in the Battle of Britain..
                                                      Falkirk put on ACW Piquet.
Dunfermline Wargaming And Roleplaying Fellowship put on a Bolt Action game set in Normandy..
                  Dingwall Wargames Club public participation game Tuffnall's Bridge.
Old Contemptables. Senguko era Japanese Warfare using a version of the Black Powder rules..
Here are a selection of the other tables on view. It was a question of shoot first, no time to ask questions. 
Once Upon A Time In The Low Countries. Durham Wargames Club. D'erlon's attack at Waterloo in 54mm.
All in all it was a busy but good day. We had lunch in between our selling stints, so it was not till after two that I managed to get round the tables. I met and talked to a lot of old and new friends, which is one of my main reasons for going to these shows. I managed to sell all but five of the items I took to sell. That will be good news for my mum's care home, as I always donate at least 20% of what I make. Most of the rest went to fund my purchases from Crooked Dice, S &A Scenics!/~/category/id=3196110&offset=0&sort=normal, Caliver Books and  Commando Miniatures

 On the way home on the Motorway, I managed my first glimpse of The Kelpies roadside sculpture

Monday, 5 May 2014


Our last Thursday game of X-Wing saw the Rebels attacking the local Imperial base to try and take some pressure off the ongoing evacuation of the Rebel mine. 
A mass attack of fighters was intercepted. Suddenly a YT1300 freighter and two escorting A-Wing fighters break away. They are intercepted by 5 fighters from the Black Squadron.
The freighter and an A-Wing are attacked. The attackers come of worst, both receiving two hits after underestimating the all round fire power of the freighter.
After some manoevering, the fighters begin to take a toll on the freighter.
The fighter escorts come to her rescue and keep the Imperial fighters busy. The TIE interceptor's pilot was having a bad day and kept missing from a good position. May have been down to inspired piloting by the unknown freighter pilot, though.
A combination of fire from the A-Wings and the freighter soon took care of the remaining TIE fighters.
The three Rebel craft make their way to attack the Imperial base. A resounding victory for the Rebels, although the freighter had been reduced to two hits and all ships had lost shields.

Rick thought that this scenario would be an easy Imperial victory. After all these years he should have known that when I am in control, there is no such thing.

This was an enjoyable game. At one point, I was hopeful because I was managing to get real hits on the Rebel ships. Unfortunately, the TIEs do not have staying power. Overall in the three linked scenarios, it was a Rebel victory.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


My Terrasaurs took on David's Shadow Sun Syndicate, a couple of weeks ago.
These show the initial set up and the inital moves with Terra Khan advancing to do battle with Zor Maxim.
The two monsters soon clash. Zor Maxim is thrown into some buildings and his own units.
After a few more jousts, Terra Khan was declared the winner. We weren't able to finish the game, but I had scored more damage to Zor Maxim's two forms than received. 
The following week, I took on Derek's Martian Menace with Terra Khan and company. Here is the initial set up.

                                                    A monster's eye view of the set up.

The early turns saw lots of buildings secured before Terra Khan took on Tharsis 5.

Tharsis 5 went into mega form and threw Terra Khan into buildings and units. The damage caused forced Terra Khan into mega form.
Terra Khan attacks and causes damage, but suffers fatal damage, handing victory to Derek. I am beginning to get the hang of the game again and beginning to remember why we bought into the game in the first place. The only negative is the amount of time spent looking up abilities and effects.