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Sunday, 19 June 2016


Our Thursday Game was the latest battle in our series of linked battles of WW1 Wings of War/Glory.
This saw Rick face a mission where a Bristol F2B, escorted by a Sopwith Camel had to photograph a terrain feature and get off the table. Rick had organsied some fluffy paper clouds at various levels for the planes to hide in. My German force was Three Albatross. Two were on the table to start with, the third appearing once soa plane had suffered special damage. 

After a few moves where nothing happened, battle was soon joined.

An Albatross manages to get a burst off at the Camel. The other heads for the F2B.
The second Albatross is caught in a crossfire between the Camel and the F2B's tail gunner. It does get a long burst at the Camel in return.
The third Albatross appears. The F2B has almost completed it's mission without being intercepted.
The Camel fills an Albatross' sights. Great use of the Immelmann!
A close shave for the F2B.
A damaged Albatross limps back to base, to fight another day. The F2B escapes into cloud, evading the two remaining Albatross.
A second Albatross breaks off, not wanting to risk any more damage. The other Albatross manages a long range shot at the Camel.
After an Immemann, the Camel turns the tables on the Albatross.
wait for the 
The  Camel then flew off to avoid further damage. The remaining Albatross, although damaged, gains the Germans a victory point for being the last plane on the table.

By completing the mission, Rick scored two victory points. They will go on the records of the pilots. What I did not know at the time was that I had wounded both Rick's pilots. This means that they will be unavailable for the next game. Two of my pilots had been involved in previous actions, so there was an incentive to keep them, and their accrued victory points, safe. 

All the pilots landed safely, despite two Albatross and the Camel having taken over 50% damage.

We started with a roster of 20 pilots, there are now some gaps, but the mission is the the priority in these games, not taking risks to shoot down the enemy at all costs, as might happen in a on off game. Can't wait for the next mission, which will be a German dawn patrol.

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