My View

My View

Thursday, 2 June 2016


Last night saw my Cops taking on David's Shaolin Monks. The plot was 'capture someone'and saw my corrupt Heroic Cop and his henchmen trying to track down a witness in hiding. The monks were trying to stop them. 
Early in the game. The SWAT team approach a ruined building to search it, unaware that a monk has already beaten the to it.

SWAT begin their search. In the background a rookie cop stands guard, while the Heroic Cop searches another ruin.
Several views of the game- long battle between the two protagonists. It's progress measured by the number of counters! 
The game was dominated by a fight between the two protagonists. During the clash, which was sustained by use of reactions to failed activation rolls by other figures, both characters took wounds, My cop took a wound from a successful Quivering Palm. As wounds reduce combat ability, the good monk began to get the upper hand. Eventually he wore down my corrupt cop, who was knocked out and then dispatched. The ensuing morale check saw the remaining cops beat a hasty retreat as the corrupt cop's hold on them died with him.

The battle between the protagonists was really like what would be seen on screen. It really brought home the atmosphere of the genre the game portrays.

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