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My View

Monday, 15 June 2015


Not having blogged for ages, I felt that the longer I left it, the harder it would be.

My return to blogging has been prompted by a question asked on a Facebook page, quoting a problem encountered in a game, stating that this blog was responsible for the questioner coming to the game in question. It brought home that the blog has a wider reach than the Facebook group that I have taken to posting to and has the ability to inspire others.

I have undertaken to post regularly again, Not the battle reports of the past, but just a few words an pictures to give a flavour of what I am up to.

Here a few photos showing recent activity.

Across The Dead Earth.

Battle is joined.

Wings of War/Glory

Star Wars Armada.


The Undead attack.


TARGE 2014.

Rather belatedly, here are my thought on Targe 2014, the wargames show held by Kirriemuir Wargames Club on 8 November 2014. 

I travelled down with Neil and Rick. After booking in my stuff for the bring and buy, we had a quick look round. I picked up some figures from Kenny at which I had ordered, even though they did not have a stand at the show. Great service! I got my mandatory shopping from . I also bought some 28mm figures for charity

After this, we decided that we would have a go at some of the participation games.Whilst waiting to let Neil & Rick have a go at the Leuchars Veterans 'Operation Chastise' game, spaces came up at a participation game of Chain Of Command, so we had a go at that instead. The scenario was Expanding the Mushkova Bridgehead from 1942.
Calculating the Jumping Off Points.
 This turned out to be a combination of participation and demonstration. We played for an hour and a half.
Early in the game, from the German perspective. The section that I am in charge of is readying itself to fight a Russian section beside the church, on the left. 
 I have the rules, but have never played. It was good to see them in action.
Mid game. Lots of fire fights and a German advance on the right.
We left before the end as we were having our traditional lunch at
End game. German breakthrough on the right.
When we came back, the Germans had won.

Neil & Rick had a go at a participation game by the Angus Wargames Club showcasing Operation Cerebus, the Channel Dash.

The flight commanders.

Pre Game preparation.

Flights of Swordfish attack.

Close attack. Hits!

 Three photos of an Epic 40K game.

 The Iron Brigade's Operation Cherry Blossom, 1943 Pacific.

 Aberdeen's Battle of Benburb.

 League of Augsburg's Fraustadt 1706.

All in all a good show.