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My View

Sunday, 16 November 2014


The Wednesday game two weeks ago saw my Scotland Yard taking on David's Prussians in a 'marked for death' scenario.
Special Branch move to take some long shots at the Prussian leader, while the coppers keep the Doctor, my leader for the night, safe. 

A well placed gas grenade, fired by rocket launcher, lands amongst Special Branch.

The gas takes out my long range option.

The doctor is escorted to safety.

Another gas grenade lands close.

The doctor succumbs.
With my leader hors de combat, it is another victory to the damned Prussians.

With this being a quick victory to David, we had a deep discussion about gas grenades, particularly fired by rocket launchers, and how they are dominating games. We read and reread the rules and were convinced we were doing things right. We posted to the IHMN Facebook group and got a definitive answer from Craig Cartmell (no higher authority than the author!) that after the grenade launcher hits a spot, a separate roll to hit must be made against each target in the blast radius.

We will see what effect this has on the use of gas grenades in a future game.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Saturday was the annual visit to Targe, the show hosted by the Kirriemuir Wargames Club. Neil's return home co-incided with a show for once, so he kindly offered to drive Rick and I down
General view of the main hall.

View of the smaller hall.

Another view of the smaller hall.
 My main purchase at the show was around 100 old style Citadel figures from Jim and Hugh from SESWC who are selling off the wargames collection of their late friend, and fellow club member, Iain Holt, who died a year ago. All the proceeds are going to Combat Stress , so I was happy to do my bit. More about the latest in Jim's blog .
Foot figures purchased in aid of Combat Stress.

The mounted figures find their new home.

I bought a case from to hold the new collection. Camo boxes are back in stock! 
                This is just a taster, I will post with more detail over the coming days.