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My View

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Last Saturday, Rick hosted one of our occasional Saturday all day games. The theme this time was Star Wars. We started with an X-Wing Epic battle with a CR-90 corvette escorting a Rebel transport trying to escape from an Empire Raider. Rick took the Empire side for the first two games.
The CR-90 interposes itself between the transport and the raider. A K-Wing makes an attack run.

The transport is attacked by TIE fighters that have evaded the X-Wing escort.

The K-Wing attacks while the Raider and CR-90 pummel each other.

A TIE Punisher drops a Conner Net near the CR-90. The transport begins it's end run, shielded by the CR-90. 

A TIE Advanced and TIE attack the Rebel ships. 

The Raider avoids proximity mines, whilst coming under attack from the CR-90. The return fire was devastating; crippling the front section of the CR-90.

The transport sneaks past on the unengaged side of the Raider.

Whilst the Raider finishes off the CR-90, the transport makes good it's escape. Just managing to squeeze past and avoiding a collision by a coat of paint!
What a great game! It lasted about 5 hours,including lunch.
A comparison of the Raider models for X-Wing and Armada.
We then had a 400 point game of Armada. The Empire had an Imperial class destroyer as well as an Interdictor and Gladiator. The Rebels had two Epsilon class and two CR-90 corvettes.
The set up for the Armada game.

The Rebel fleet.

The Gladiator draws the bulk of the Rebel fleet into battle.

The Rebel ships are caught in a crossfire between the Gladiator and the Imperial class destroyer.

The Empire fleet mopping up on Turn 6.
We finished the day with two games of Star Wars; Destiny. This is a newish card/dice game which is essentially a duel between characters, but also a resource management game.
One of the two games of Star Wars: Destiny that we also fitted in.
All in all a great, if long, day. We managed to fit in games that we would not be able to get played in an evening.

Sunday, 4 December 2016


I purchased a copy of Blood Eagle from Caliver Books at Carronade 2016. My Wednesday group had been discussing getting it as uses the familiar In Her Majesty's Name game mechanics. It is an option for gaming in early 2017.

Having watched David and his sons playing the game at a demo game run by one of the co authors of the game, Craig Cartmell, I decided that I would give the game a try with Rick on a Thursday back in May 2016. It continued our Dark Ages theme, as we had played a few games  of SAGA in previous weeks. 

I set out a village, with a great hall as a centre piece. and we played the 'vengeance' scenario. Rick played the part of a Viking Jarl and I used my Scots figures as Picts. Hopefully, this would be an easy introduction to the game.
The Vikings started with the Jarl, two Veteran Warriors and four Warriors. The Picts started with a Chieftain, two Champions and six Warriors. These were basic forces with no extra special abilities, or even names.

A front view of the great hall.

Early in the game. My Picts entered from the right.Apologies for the rather large markers. I couldn't find my IHMN markers.
Interior view of the great hall.

Pictish warriors and a champion prepare to take on Viking Warriors. A Viking veteran lurks on the flank.

Battle is joined. 
The Picts come off worst.

The Viking Jarl and a Veteran take on a champion and some warriors.
Overview of the battle. 
The Viking Jarl is killed in combat. He manages to kill the Pict champion before expiring.
The battle continues. The Picts are taking casualties on the right.
The remaining Picts are cut down.
Victory to the Vikings.
As it is a while since the game, the report is less detailed than usual. The system works well for small numbers and will lend itself well to a themed campaign. Hopefully I will get some games in 2017. To that end, I will be preparing a namedforce with a bit of background.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Another of the Kickstarters that I backed arrived this week. This was the Small Terrain Studio offering for funding improvements to their workshop. 

I selected the 'fantasy' corporal pledge of £20. This gave me a ruined watch tower and 5 lengths of stone walls. These appealed as they can be used in many of the games and periods that I game.

I will have to think carefully whether to paint the tower in a winter scheme, for Frostgrave, or generically for my other 28mm skirmish games.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


 I had pre ordered this in the summer from Boardgame Extras . It was due out in September, but had slipped my mind. Imagine my surprise when it arrived today!  Rick has the modern version, which we have played a few times.

At first glance, the main difference is that there is a board.

                                            I have taken a couple of photos of the contents.
                   Once I have had a look and maybe had a trial game, I will post my thoughts.

Sunday, 27 November 2016


This battle took place a few months ago, in June. It is part of one of our occasional Saturday games, where we get to play games that would take too long for an evening. 

This was a 'Breakthrough' scenario from Memoir '44. It used the larger board and needed components from several of the expansions to play. The winner was the first to 12 medals. I took the Germans and Rick the French and British. 
The initial set up from my (German) side of the table.

The Allies advance. The Germans counter attack on the right.

The British advance is stalled. The Germans take Arras.

The Germans hold Arras.

The British advance is renewed. An entire German unit is destroyed in one go.

The French begin their attack. Faced by German 88s

Which are quickly dealt with, thanks to a fortunate dice roll!

The German line stabilises. The infantry dig  in and prepare to face an all out Allied advance.

The French advance continues. A German Panzer unit is destroyed. 

The French came off best in the armour duel on the left. Only a depleted infantry unit stands in their way. The British attack has worn down the defenders on the right.

The last German hope if stopping the British tanks was the mobile artillery. Forward they came, only to be destroyed in one shot. This allowed the tanks to move forward unhindered.

The game ended when the Allies reached 12 medals. Only 4 complete German units remained. The French had suffered heavy casualties, but the British still have strong units.

The Germans retained control of Arras.
This was a closely fought game. the British advance stalled as they struggled to get the right cards. The French were luckier. Once battle was joined, the Allies had a succession of 'lucky' dice rolls at crucial times. Once the Germans started losing units, the balance quickly swung in the Allies' favour.

Friday, 25 November 2016


For this week's Thursday game, we had a go at The Great War. We played the Mash Valley scenario, from the first day of the Somme. I took the attacking British and Rick the German defenders.
General view of initial dispositions.
As well as the usual one medal for each enemy unit destroyed, the British got a medal for each unit exiting the German edge. They also got a temporary medal for having a unit in the German trenches. Whoever held the crater got a temporary medal.
The British have captured the crater and have men in the German trenches. This counts as two temporary medals.

The British have advanced to the second line of trenches.
After a slow start, the British began to make inroads into the German trenches. They took the crater and broke into the first line of trenches. The defenders took a steady toll of the advancing infantry. My advance was also disrupted by Rick playing well timed combat cards and Ambush cards to thwart my best laid plans!
The German defences hold out. They reach 7 medals.
Eventually, the British attack ran out of steam. Rick reached 7 medals to my 4.

A really enjoyable game. We will play this scenario again, with Rick having the opportunity to succeed where I failed.