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My View

Sunday, 12 November 2017


Saturday saw my annual trip to Kirriemuir for Targe 2017. I scored some Middle Imperial Romans on the bring and buy, enough to provide the bulk of two DBA 3 armies. I had a great day meeting old friends and finding out about other's games. As usual, we had our traditional lunch at The Thrums Hotel. Dale and the club members did their usual great job. Roll on next year.  

Here are some photos from the day.
Oldmeldrum Wargames Group's Battle of Barra Hill, 1308.
Alistair working out his next move.

Barra Hill again. The Bruce's forces in action, just outside Oldmeldrum.

A 7TV scenario showing a British attack on a Nazi moonbase.

A Dropship Commander game.
East Neuk's Iraq Rebellion 1941 participation game.
Falkirk and District's Battle of Falkirk, using the Maurice rules system.

Dunfermline Wargames Club doing Commands & Colors Ancients and Napoleonics.
Ramillies in 1/300 using a Cigar Box Battles mat.

The Carlist War using Sharpe Practice rules.
Aberdeen Wargames Club's the Battle of Woking 1917, using The Great War rules and figures taking on All Quiet on the Martian Front tripods. 
Gourock put on a 19th century game using Piquet rules.
A Gates of Antares game in progress.

Colonial game using Newline 20mm figures an The Men Who Would Be King rules.

Adeptus Titanicus.

Leuchars Veterans 'Fury' participation game.

The Iron Brigade's 1920's Back of Beyond game pitted the local warlord General Ying and his White Russian mercenaries against the Bolsheviks who were trying to stop Professor Blastov from completing his Doomsday Project for General Ying. Somewhere among this mayhem are Tin Tin, Snowy and friends.

Glasgow Warhog's Essen late WW2 game.


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