My View

My View

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Just a short post to show off my purchases from the show.
 I was tempted by these beauties from the flea market. 12 Gordon Highlanders and 5 officers suitable for use with In Her Majesty's Name  or The Men Who Would Be Kings.
 A closer view of the Gordons. The kilt detail is wonderful.
 Four figures suitable for use with 7TV or A Fistful of Kung Fu.
 A ship for Sails of Glory, which I am starting to collect.
I did pick up IHMN Gothic from Caliver.

All in all a good show. I didn't spend too much. For once!

Sunday, 14 May 2017


What better way to end a hiatus from blogging by posting a picture report from my visit to the Carronade 2017 show in Falkirk?

I travelled with David and his two sons. After a very foggy journey to the venue we arrived in time to set up for our stint at the flea market. We had booked a table for the first two hours, as experience shows that is the time that traders and other exhibitors tend to have a look around.
View of our flea market table.
In the end, I had a rather modest return from selling, but at least some of my stuff found a new home (three bags down, two taken home). After a quick lunch, It was time to take in the show. There was the usual mass of great looking games, both display and participation. Here are a few of them:
A 15mm WW2 bocage game in 15mm.
Leuchars Veterans' 'Fury' participation game.

The table was always busy, so no chance to get a game in.

Glasgow Warhogs' Essen Pocket WW2 display game.

Operation Pluto.

British and Greeks defend against German and Italian air and seaborne forces. 

On the Island of Pouthena, 40 miles east of Crete.

Westerhope Wargames Group 7 Years War game set in 1756.

Using their own old school rules, they played toy soldiers the old way; practical terrain giving a good looking game that anyone could easily put on..

Durham Wargames Group's Spanish Civil War game.

It was set around Madrid and featured a train as the centrepiece.
I picked up a few decent bargains from the flea market, as well as IHMN Gothic from Caliver. More in a future post. David's blog has photos from more of the tables.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Last Saturday, Rick hosted one of our occasional Saturday all day games. The theme this time was Star Wars. We started with an X-Wing Epic battle with a CR-90 corvette escorting a Rebel transport trying to escape from an Empire Raider. Rick took the Empire side for the first two games.
The CR-90 interposes itself between the transport and the raider. A K-Wing makes an attack run.

The transport is attacked by TIE fighters that have evaded the X-Wing escort.

The K-Wing attacks while the Raider and CR-90 pummel each other.

A TIE Punisher drops a Conner Net near the CR-90. The transport begins it's end run, shielded by the CR-90. 

A TIE Advanced and TIE attack the Rebel ships. 

The Raider avoids proximity mines, whilst coming under attack from the CR-90. The return fire was devastating; crippling the front section of the CR-90.

The transport sneaks past on the unengaged side of the Raider.

Whilst the Raider finishes off the CR-90, the transport makes good it's escape. Just managing to squeeze past and avoiding a collision by a coat of paint!
What a great game! It lasted about 5 hours,including lunch.
A comparison of the Raider models for X-Wing and Armada.
We then had a 400 point game of Armada. The Empire had an Imperial class destroyer as well as an Interdictor and Gladiator. The Rebels had two Epsilon class and two CR-90 corvettes.
The set up for the Armada game.

The Rebel fleet.

The Gladiator draws the bulk of the Rebel fleet into battle.

The Rebel ships are caught in a crossfire between the Gladiator and the Imperial class destroyer.

The Empire fleet mopping up on Turn 6.
We finished the day with two games of Star Wars; Destiny. This is a newish card/dice game which is essentially a duel between characters, but also a resource management game.
One of the two games of Star Wars: Destiny that we also fitted in.
All in all a great, if long, day. We managed to fit in games that we would not be able to get played in an evening.