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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Last Saturday, Rick hosted one of our occasional Saturday all day games. The theme this time was Star Wars. We started with an X-Wing Epic battle with a CR-90 corvette escorting a Rebel transport trying to escape from an Empire Raider. Rick took the Empire side for the first two games.
The CR-90 interposes itself between the transport and the raider. A K-Wing makes an attack run.

The transport is attacked by TIE fighters that have evaded the X-Wing escort.

The K-Wing attacks while the Raider and CR-90 pummel each other.

A TIE Punisher drops a Conner Net near the CR-90. The transport begins it's end run, shielded by the CR-90. 

A TIE Advanced and TIE attack the Rebel ships. 

The Raider avoids proximity mines, whilst coming under attack from the CR-90. The return fire was devastating; crippling the front section of the CR-90.

The transport sneaks past on the unengaged side of the Raider.

Whilst the Raider finishes off the CR-90, the transport makes good it's escape. Just managing to squeeze past and avoiding a collision by a coat of paint!
What a great game! It lasted about 5 hours,including lunch.
A comparison of the Raider models for X-Wing and Armada.
We then had a 400 point game of Armada. The Empire had an Imperial class destroyer as well as an Interdictor and Gladiator. The Rebels had two Epsilon class and two CR-90 corvettes.
The set up for the Armada game.

The Rebel fleet.

The Gladiator draws the bulk of the Rebel fleet into battle.

The Rebel ships are caught in a crossfire between the Gladiator and the Imperial class destroyer.

The Empire fleet mopping up on Turn 6.
We finished the day with two games of Star Wars; Destiny. This is a newish card/dice game which is essentially a duel between characters, but also a resource management game.
One of the two games of Star Wars: Destiny that we also fitted in.
All in all a great, if long, day. We managed to fit in games that we would not be able to get played in an evening.