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My View

Monday, 29 April 2013

Busy times!

The last few days have been very busy.

Thursday is one of my regular gaming nights. There are three of us who take turns to host games. The games are normally hosted on a 'run it and they will come' basis, although sometimes, we follow a theme or a set of rules for a longer period.

Thursday was hosted by Aidan. We played a game of Warhammer Ancients, my first time, despite having owned the rules for a while. The scenario was a dispossesed Japanese Lord attempting to regain his seat with the help of some Portugese. It was an entertaining enough game. Sadly, I forgot my camera, so no pictures.

I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday. The review will be a separate post.

Along with chores and caring responsibilities over the weekend, I spent some time preparing the scenario and some figures for the game I will be hosting on Thursday. We have been experimenting with FUBAR rules for various periods. The rules are intended to be one side of an A4 sheet, with simple mechanisms, with each period having specific rules on another sheet. Once the basics are mastered, you can concentrate on enjoyment. Very much in keeping with our retreat to old school and notslgia!

We will be using the Sci fi rules and the scenario will involve planetary irregular forces attacking an offworld colonist installation. No more details yet, as the participants may be reading this!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


So, why have I decided to start this blog now?

Well, the past three or four years have been taken up with caring for an elderly parent with Alzheimers and managing the transition to a care home. That took up most of my time and left me socially isolated.

As I was mostly unable to carry on face to face gaming, I took great delight and inspiration from the many wargaming blogs. I had the idea that a blog would be allow me to keep all my friends and family in the loop, while sharing my gaming experiences.

The final push came on Sunday. I had been at an old friend's, delivering his birthday present. We got to reminiscing about the good old days. Later, I was editing my favourites and came across my proto blog. This is the result.

I hope, over time to give an idea of where I have come from, gamingwise, and where I am now!

Scene from a recent SAGA game.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The blog will not all be about wargaming. I am  also a regular filmgoer.

Having a membership card for one of the major cinema groups means that for the price of two films a month, I get to see as many films as I want and get discount on food purchases.

I saw 'Olympus Has Fallen' on Friday. Very much Die Hard inspired, but with enough action and contemporary relevance to be interesting. A good action film.

'Oblivion', which I saw last Sunday, was a better film than I had expected, given the buzz from others that I knew, who had seen it. Inspired by a few films, but had fresh ideas. The twists are telegraphed by some fairly obvious clues, but a watchable, entertaining film.

I also saw 'Scary Movie 5' last Friday. This series, parodying movies in the style of Airlaine, is an acquired taste. You really need to have seen the movies being parodied to get the most out of these films. There are also a lot of references that only American audiences will get.

Among the films parodied were: Mama, Black Swan and The Evil Dead. The one thing you should always do with this series is stay to the end of the credits! The credits start just after 65 minuites. After the producer credits there are 10 minutes of bloopers and 15 minutes of alternative ideas that were not used in the film. There is also a post credits scene, involving Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, an edited version of which can be seen in the trailer.

I really enjoyed a good laugh, and it certainly raised the Friday mood after a busy week at work!

Welcome to The Gen. This will, I hope, be my attempt to explain my hobby and hopefully inspire as other bloggers have.

This is a bit experimental at the moment. Hopefully I will find my feet. In have no idea how regularly I will post, but please bear with me: It's taken nearly two years to get this far!

Here is an example of a picture from a recent Flames Of War game, just to whet the appetite.