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My View

Monday, 29 April 2013

Busy times!

The last few days have been very busy.

Thursday is one of my regular gaming nights. There are three of us who take turns to host games. The games are normally hosted on a 'run it and they will come' basis, although sometimes, we follow a theme or a set of rules for a longer period.

Thursday was hosted by Aidan. We played a game of Warhammer Ancients, my first time, despite having owned the rules for a while. The scenario was a dispossesed Japanese Lord attempting to regain his seat with the help of some Portugese. It was an entertaining enough game. Sadly, I forgot my camera, so no pictures.

I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday. The review will be a separate post.

Along with chores and caring responsibilities over the weekend, I spent some time preparing the scenario and some figures for the game I will be hosting on Thursday. We have been experimenting with FUBAR rules for various periods. The rules are intended to be one side of an A4 sheet, with simple mechanisms, with each period having specific rules on another sheet. Once the basics are mastered, you can concentrate on enjoyment. Very much in keeping with our retreat to old school and notslgia!

We will be using the Sci fi rules and the scenario will involve planetary irregular forces attacking an offworld colonist installation. No more details yet, as the participants may be reading this!

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  1. Yip the spies are out gathering intelligence wherever it can be sought.