My View

My View

Monday, 31 October 2016


The 2016 Aberdeen Model Railway Club exhibition was held at the RGU sports hall. I only attended on the Sunday. I was only there for an hour or so and spent too much of the time speaking to friends, limiting my time for taking photos.

                         Aberdeen Modellers Club had their usual display of completed kits.
A selection of Sci-Fi models.

More modern subjects.

Iain's Spitfires are at the front of this selection.

A selection of vehicles.

Aberdeen Wargames Club put on a display game of Napoleonic naval combat using Osprey's Fighting Sail rules.

The AWC Bolt Action 2 display game was set in the Pacific, with John Wayne leading the Marine attack.

a 7TV game of Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Raquel Welch is somewhere in this camp.

Peter Cushing leads the exporers.
This brought back memories as one of the first electric train sets I had was the Pullman.

A nice display.


Another busy display.

                                     RAF Kinloss Model Railway Club had a good display.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

SKELP 2016.

I have been to Skelp 2016, Angus Wargames Club's annual show. The show had an enforced hiatus last year, as the venue, the Reid Hall in Forfar, was being refurbished. It was a dreich, wet day, as myself, David and his two sons set out. We arrived just before opening time. After dropping off things to sell on the bring and buy, and painting competitions we had a look around the show.

David and the boys had a go at the 'Custer's Last Stand' participation game, run by Jed and the rest of the Leuchars Veterans. This was also at Carronade and Claymore earlier in the year.
David and sons playing Custer's Last Stand, by The Leuchars Veterans.
Another view of the game.

The monastrey where the French are trying to move supplies to. To escape the English raiders.
The French peasants try to remove food and animals to the safety of the monastery, to keep them safe from the English

The French troops attempt to hold off the English.
A convoy of supplies can be seen en route to the monastery.

Another view of the monastery.
Kirriemuir Wargames Club ran a demonstration/participation game using Lion Rampant rules. The scenario saw an English raiding force trying to find supplies and a way across the Meuse. The French peasants were trying to rescue the supplies from a farm and move them to a monastery while the men at arms held off the English.

The Geek Room ran a Warzone participation game.

A view of the hall.
Falkirk and District Wargames Club ran a novel Blood Eagle participation game based around longships. 
South East Scotland Wargames Club put on a Samurai demonstration game. 
                                 Some of the entries in the painting competition.
David's AVP figures, which earned him 2nd place in the open competition.

Matthew's winning Iron Man figure. 

The Bring and Buy was reasonable, with quite a few tempting potential purchases. I largely managed to resist. I got all the items that were on my list and made a bit of cash on the bring and buy, to balance the books.

The show is not really big enough to spend a whole day at it. We were tied, due to b&b and painting competitions, to staying to the end. The weather put paid to going for a walk to fill time. That said, there was plenty of time for a good chinwag with the traders and exhibitors. A good day all in all.