My View

My View

Sunday, 22 May 2016


In an effort to help me focus on, and complete, projects, I have decided to post regularly what is on my workbench. The theory being that, once in the public domain, I will have an incentive to complete them.

First up are the two projects for the next week or so are to paint three more SWAT team members for my A Fistful of Kung Fu cops. I also intend to paint a Crooked Dice Tiny Templeton figure for use as a supernatural investigator protagonist for my Cops.
Late Macedonian DBA army and reinforcements for my Cops. 
Secondly, I intend to do a bit of retouching of the paint job and flocking of bases on a DBA Late Macedonian army. This has been put together from a batch of assorted DBA figures that I bought at Carronade, from the flea market. There are enough figures to make up three  Late Macedonian DBA armies, so I will be able to cover all the variations.  There are also a large number of \Thracian figures for future projects.

Look out for an update.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


More useful finds for Fistful of Kung Fu and 7YV games. I was in The Works, in Aberdeen today and they are selling off 1/43 scale contemporary cars for £2 each. 
A Range Rover and BMW X5. Tiny Templeton, by Crooked Dice, used to give an idea of scale.
The Works seem to be selling off vehicles and figures, that were originally sold as part of magazine part-works, for reasonable prices. As well as the cars, they are selling 54mm Napoleonic figures and 1/43 and 1/72  die cast military vehicles. As the Works has branches all over the UK, this may be of interest to some of my readers here.

Friday, 20 May 2016


I picked up this little fellow in Poundland in Aberdeen. He is from the Anipals Wildlife range.
I immediately thought that he would be useful for games of A Fistful of Kung Fu, amongst others, where he could be used as a combat trained gorilla, or even a normal goralla. There are a few other animals available too, such as a crocodile, elephant and rhino.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Last Wednesday saw our first game of A Fistful of Kung Fu. David set out the terrain, consisting of a couple of buildings, a wood and a Japanese garden. The garden is a 2D print.

Del used his Demons an I gave my Cops their first outing.  The scenario was that my Cops had to find a hidden Person Of Interest in one of the main terrain features. The Demons were also on the look out for them. The scenario complication was a hidden Artefact. This meant that both sides would be doing a lot of searching!
A view of the terrain.

Another view of the printed Japanese Garden.

My Cops get their first outing. 
I decided to concentrate my force, to allow me to search systematically, whilst giving mutual support. Del split up his force with the Flying Demons and Human Cultists moving to search various points at the same time.
Early moves saw my cops search the house for the hidden POI. The Demons are spread out to cover more ground. 
After searching the first house, my SWAT team headed for the wood. Del's Taoist Sorcerer targeted them with a Fireball, killing or knocking down the whole team.

Del's Taoist Sorcerer casts a fireball, taking out the SWAT team.

My detective and a beat cop check out the first house.

After checking out the house, the detective takes a shot at Human Cultist. The Taoist Sorcerer and entourage are in the background. 

The Human Cultist rushes through a hail of bullets to attack the detective. He manages to take him out.

My Detective (protagonist), tried to flank the Demons but was taken out by a Human Cultist, who braved a hail of bullets to charge him down.

The last member of the SWAT team was taken out by a flying Demon, who was in turn taken out by my Veteran Cop. He also knocked down the Taoist Sorcerer, who had closed in for the kill with his entourage, with a powerful shotgun blast. As the Veteran Cop was my last man standing, We called the game as the Demons only had to stop me reaching my victory conditions to win.

Once we got going, the familiar systems from other 'Songs' games that we have played in the past came back to us. We will need to do a bit of research and familiarisation on the traits, stunts and magic, but overall, we are hooked!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


The last batch of photos from games at Carronade 2016.
Battle of Charonea. Great use of a gridded table.

2 photos of Border Reivers' Russo Japanese War game.

Bathgate Wargames Club did a Western themed participation game.

Batman Miniatures Game. A busy board.

Charonea again. Good work by Dumfries Wargames Club.

Infinity, I think.

English Civil War game by The Wargames Society of Contemptible Bast*rds. The winners of Best Display Game.
There you have it. The games were all of a good standard. Not all of them relied on really detailed scenery. Instead they used the sort of scenery you would see on a club night. Both styles are inspirational, in my eyes.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Another lot of photos. I didn't manage to get details of all the games and who staged them. I was in a bit of a rush.
A game set in the Great Northern War.

A 20mm modern game.

A series of photos from the Pacific 1942 game, using 1/700 scale models, by Glasgow Tradeston Wargames Club

Omaha Beach by Warhog, Glasgow.

I think this is a Retreat from Moscow game, with Cossacks attacking the retreating French.
Another view of the 1812 game.

Dunfermline Wargames Club did the battle of Cannae using Commands & Colors.


Here are some more photos of games from Saturday.
Two views of the battle of Gaugamela in 15mm.

Romans v Celts in Caledonia, 1st Century AD. 

Pegasus Bridge inspired Bolt Action game.

A Bolt Action demo game. Bolt Action WW2 Brazilians. It was a close shave, but they captured the bridge.

A larger scale Gaugamela game.

Two views of the Wellesly in India game by Westhope WC. This came 2nd in best display game.
Ged and the Leuchars Veterans with their Custer's Last Stand participation game. This was a busy table all day and, I believe, was awarded best participation game.

Monday, 9 May 2016


Last Saturday, I made the trip to Carronade 2016, the show put on by Falkirk and District Wargames Club. I missed last year's show, so was looking forward to it. For the first two hours, I tried to sell my unwanted wargaming stuff, with moderate success, on the flea market.  

After grabbing a quick  lunch, I wasready to to check out what was happening. I started in the smaller hall on the first floor. There were a good selection of games.
A detailed table for demo games of Afterlife.

Another view of the table, with a couple of Iron Mammoth Design's 40 foot container models, displayed in their unpainted state.

Lion Rampant.
Another view of the forces getting to grips with each other in the Lion Rampant game.

This was a popular Mad Max inspired participation game.

Various views of the battlecruiser action from this refight of The Battle of Jutland
More pictures and comment to come.