My View

My View

Monday, 9 May 2016


Last Saturday, I made the trip to Carronade 2016, the show put on by Falkirk and District Wargames Club. I missed last year's show, so was looking forward to it. For the first two hours, I tried to sell my unwanted wargaming stuff, with moderate success, on the flea market.  

After grabbing a quick  lunch, I wasready to to check out what was happening. I started in the smaller hall on the first floor. There were a good selection of games.
A detailed table for demo games of Afterlife.

Another view of the table, with a couple of Iron Mammoth Design's 40 foot container models, displayed in their unpainted state.

Lion Rampant.
Another view of the forces getting to grips with each other in the Lion Rampant game.

This was a popular Mad Max inspired participation game.

Various views of the battlecruiser action from this refight of The Battle of Jutland
More pictures and comment to come.

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