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Sunday, 1 May 2016


The most recent Thursday game of SAGA, saw my Scots take on Rick's Anglo Saxons. The scenario was 'sacred ground'. The terrain was simple, two sacred groves and a stone circle on a hill.
The stone circle was a new piece of terrain, to replace my old one. A simple job. A plastic Stonehenge set picked up in a publisher's outlet , drybrushed and stuck on  flocked bases. A lot easier to move.
Opening positions from the Scots' lines.

The early moves saw Rick use tricks from his SAGA board to move units quickly. The Anglo  Saxons were able to score victory points from turn 1. This would prove decisive.

The Scots Warlord leads the advance on the stone circle.

The Scots levy enter the wood. They would start to score victory points. The battle for the stone circle can be seen in the background.

The battle for the stone circle, a closer look.

Almost unnoticed, the battle for the wood on the Scots' right flank had been going on. The rmains of a Scots warrior unit holds ground and so scores points.

The battle for the stone circle continues.

The Scots levy keeps up a barrage on the Anglo Saxon warriors in the left wood.

The Scots warlord amd his thegs, drive the Anglo Saxon Warriors from the stone circle.

The Scots levy,, after relising that shooting was useless, pile into the left wood .

The Scots warlord holds the stone circle, after killing the Anglo Saxon Warlord.  stone circle. It is still contested by Anglo Saxon warriors, who took advantage of the fight to get back in the circle.

The Anglo Saxons in sole possession of the right wood. 

After 7 turns, it was clear that the Scots could not generate enough victory points. The  Anglo Saxons were declared the winner. 
The game turned on Rick managing to double his units using abilities from the SAGA board. He was able to score victory points in that first turn. The Scots never caught up. It was enjoyable trying , though.

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