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My View

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The blog will not all be about wargaming. I am  also a regular filmgoer.

Having a membership card for one of the major cinema groups means that for the price of two films a month, I get to see as many films as I want and get discount on food purchases.

I saw 'Olympus Has Fallen' on Friday. Very much Die Hard inspired, but with enough action and contemporary relevance to be interesting. A good action film.

'Oblivion', which I saw last Sunday, was a better film than I had expected, given the buzz from others that I knew, who had seen it. Inspired by a few films, but had fresh ideas. The twists are telegraphed by some fairly obvious clues, but a watchable, entertaining film.

I also saw 'Scary Movie 5' last Friday. This series, parodying movies in the style of Airlaine, is an acquired taste. You really need to have seen the movies being parodied to get the most out of these films. There are also a lot of references that only American audiences will get.

Among the films parodied were: Mama, Black Swan and The Evil Dead. The one thing you should always do with this series is stay to the end of the credits! The credits start just after 65 minuites. After the producer credits there are 10 minutes of bloopers and 15 minutes of alternative ideas that were not used in the film. There is also a post credits scene, involving Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, an edited version of which can be seen in the trailer.

I really enjoyed a good laugh, and it certainly raised the Friday mood after a busy week at work!

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