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My View

Thursday, 23 June 2016


This Wednesday's game saw my Cops faction raiding the Fu Yu Studios, the plot being to discover a secret held by Del's supernatural creatures, led by his Taoist sorcerer.
Two views of the Fu Yu film studios. Note the varied styles of the buildings and the generic markers to show that the 'crowd' trait was in force. This slowed movement and raised the possibility of bystanders being shot. This would mean the loss of one Chi for my Cops, as the nominal 'good' side.
The plot complication was 'monsoon'. This gave a -1 to ranged attacks and generally made things more slippery. To extract the secret, my cops need to grapple an enemy and spend a full turn 'milking' them for information. Then a d6 is rolled. I find the secret when I have a total of eight points.
The cops enter in two groups to try and find the dispersed demons. The Taoist sorcerer has taken aup position in the tower.

An early loss: the Taoist sorcerer casts a fireball. My veteran cop valiantly sacrifices himself to save his colleagues. Sadly a bystander is also incinerated, this scatters the crowds and eases movement.

My heroic cop Chi jumps to attack and successfully grapple a flying demon. The other cops move to protect him during 'questioning'. One rookie cop fires off all his ammo at the hopping vampire. The glass beads show which figures have activated, The red markers show effects on figures.

The flying demon gives up five points of secret. The hopping vampire knocks down the rookie cop, but is in turn cut down by the SWAT team. The monkey demon has ensnared the other rookie cop, to make him easier to attack.

With no more info to give up, the flying demon is dispatched. Another flies in to support the sorcerer, who has come to intervene.

In an effort to stop some cultists intervening, the SWAT sergeant attacks. He knocks one down, but is killed in the end.

The sorceror transfixes the heroic cop, interrupting his milking of another flying demon. The SWAT team try to break the sorcerer's hold.

The monkey demon takes out the rookie cop.

The sorcerer is driven off. Questioning continues.

The demon breaks free, briefly, but is grappled again. Will the delay allow rescue or death?

Careful milking generates the three points required to discover the secret. The cops are successful.
Once again, a great narrative game that gives the atmosphere and feeling of the type of film the game is inspired by. The mechanic allowing protagonists to react to opponents failed dice rolls means that the emphasis is on them and allows them to recover from potentially disastrous situations.

As can be seen from this report, the game took place in a very small area. There was constant action and the other player is always involved; waiting for failed activation rolls!

The monsoon complication added to the game. It meant a -1 for shooting, which reduced my cops' long range advantage. It also added to the narrative, as an explanation for weapon malfunctions my SWAT team experienced as a result of negative gun fu rolls.

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