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My View

Monday, 5 May 2014


Our last Thursday game of X-Wing saw the Rebels attacking the local Imperial base to try and take some pressure off the ongoing evacuation of the Rebel mine. 
A mass attack of fighters was intercepted. Suddenly a YT1300 freighter and two escorting A-Wing fighters break away. They are intercepted by 5 fighters from the Black Squadron.
The freighter and an A-Wing are attacked. The attackers come of worst, both receiving two hits after underestimating the all round fire power of the freighter.
After some manoevering, the fighters begin to take a toll on the freighter.
The fighter escorts come to her rescue and keep the Imperial fighters busy. The TIE interceptor's pilot was having a bad day and kept missing from a good position. May have been down to inspired piloting by the unknown freighter pilot, though.
A combination of fire from the A-Wings and the freighter soon took care of the remaining TIE fighters.
The three Rebel craft make their way to attack the Imperial base. A resounding victory for the Rebels, although the freighter had been reduced to two hits and all ships had lost shields.

Rick thought that this scenario would be an easy Imperial victory. After all these years he should have known that when I am in control, there is no such thing.

This was an enjoyable game. At one point, I was hopeful because I was managing to get real hits on the Rebel ships. Unfortunately, the TIEs do not have staying power. Overall in the three linked scenarios, it was a Rebel victory.

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