My View

My View

Sunday, 4 May 2014


My Terrasaurs took on David's Shadow Sun Syndicate, a couple of weeks ago.
These show the initial set up and the inital moves with Terra Khan advancing to do battle with Zor Maxim.
The two monsters soon clash. Zor Maxim is thrown into some buildings and his own units.
After a few more jousts, Terra Khan was declared the winner. We weren't able to finish the game, but I had scored more damage to Zor Maxim's two forms than received. 
The following week, I took on Derek's Martian Menace with Terra Khan and company. Here is the initial set up.

                                                    A monster's eye view of the set up.

The early turns saw lots of buildings secured before Terra Khan took on Tharsis 5.

Tharsis 5 went into mega form and threw Terra Khan into buildings and units. The damage caused forced Terra Khan into mega form.
Terra Khan attacks and causes damage, but suffers fatal damage, handing victory to Derek. I am beginning to get the hang of the game again and beginning to remember why we bought into the game in the first place. The only negative is the amount of time spent looking up abilities and effects.

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