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Sunday, 27 April 2014


Last year, Rick spent some time trying to develop a set of rules to make use of our Warmaster figures, using Hexxon. This was moderately successful. Ever resourceful, he decided that we should try out the new Hordes Of The Things 2.1 rules.
The infantry frontages did not need changing. Monsters and cavalry could be used in units of two to make up 40mm frontages. Heroes and other units could be bluetacked to sabot bases to allow use.
Two of our recent Thursday games were used to test the concept.
The first game saw Rick controlling the High Elves whilst I led the Empire attack.
The early turns saw the Empire advance. There was some delay caused by some missile fire from the wood. You may wonder why the Elf sorceror is in the Empire camp. He managed to become self ensorcelled by rolling a one twice when attempting an ensorcellment.
The battlelines clashed and the Empire forces destroyed several Elven missile units.

In the end, the Empire forces won the day by destroying 25% of the Elven units.
For the second game, Rick took the Undead and I the Bretonnians.
Although the Bretonnians were the attackers,the Undead couldn't help themselves and attacked.
They attempted to come through the Bretonnian right flank.
Meanwhile, the Bretonnians were having success in the centre, pushing the Undead back.
But the Undead forces finally broke through on the flank and as a result took the Bretonnian casualties past the 25%.

These games were very satisfying to play. We used 48AP armies with one General. The armies were drawn from the generic lists with a bit of fudging where there was no obvious equivalent. The armies certainly benefited from not having the racial limitations and benefits imposed by the Warmaster system which meant that it was more a test of the players skill at using the pips.

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