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Saturday, 26 April 2014


Another blast from the past. A few Thursdays ago I dusted down The Last Crusade card game.
We hadn't played this game for a good few years. 
Rick took the Germans (who roll two dice for supply points) and I took the US forces (who roll three dice for supply points). Here is the starting terrain.
In the initial set up, all units are hidden. These are only revealed by recon rolls or when they are adjacent or in combat with an enemy unit.
Early stages of the game with the US advancing.
The failure of a US attack meant that they needed to build up forces again. This allowed the Germans an opportunity to consolidate.
We didn't have time to finish the game, but it was obvious that the Germans would take some shifting. The US were preparing an attack on the right when we called it quits.

This was a game we played a lot back in the day. We didn't finish the game, mostly due getting the hang of the rules again. The game was flowing a bit faster at the end as it all came back to us. Maybe I'll get the chance to use the Eastern Front expansion, that has been gathering dust, in future?

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