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Friday, 15 November 2013

TARGE 2013, PART 2.

Targe! is the last wargames show of the year for us. It is held in the picturesque town of Kirriemuir; birthplace of J.M. Barrie of Peter Pan fame. I have been attending every year since the 1990s. Hopefully the earlier post will have given you a taste of what was on offer.

I travelled down with Rick. We arrived just after opening at 10am. After I had dropped my prospective purchases at the bring & buy and visited Colonel Bill's to finalise the deal for my Xyston figures. I had a brief stroll around the main hall, picking up a mess of Scheltrum Chaco Wars figures into the bargain.

Most of the next couple of hours was spent in the bring and buy and smaller hall.

Dunfermline Wargames Club put on a game of Commands & Colors Ancients
using Hexxon II tiles. This was obviously of interest to us.

          The Iron Brigade did an interesting 1918 rescue scenario using Bolt Action rules.

.The Independent Wargames Brigade staged a WW2 Eastern front game, using their simple homebrew rules.

Oldmeldrum Wargames Group ran a participation game based on Operation Biting (The Bruneval Raid) using Bolt Action rules. This ran five times during the day. I will cover my participation in a future post. After the game we had our usual lunch at .

In the afternoon, I finally had time to have a proper look at the main hall.

This Dead Man's Hand game was interesting and inspiring. I am gathering figures and buildings for this as a future project. I think this was also at Claymore, earlier in the year.

                                Durham ran this little beauty. I will cover it in a future post.
                                                        A Muskets & Tomahawks game.
The League of Augsburg's Donnybrook Game. Looks like this will be a new set of rules released this year.

                      The Inverness Role Playing & Wargames Club ran this WW2 game.
Aberdeen Wargames Club had this Commands & Colors Napoleonics using 20mm figures.

Gourock Wargames Association presented this WW2 game based on Operation Sealion: the invasion of Britain. This is another of my long term interests having fought a few scenarios based in that period myself.

I also had a chance to buy from some of the traders. I picked up some 4Ground buildings from Colonel Bills; some Perry and Renedra western buildings from Dave Thomas and two platoon boxes for my Songs of Blades & Heroes figures.

The bring and buy was successful. All my stuff sold. I picked up some wonderful 20mm resin buildings; Warlord ruined hamlet, 36 painted Foundry wild west figures for £40 and some nice desert rocky outcrops.

All in all a good day. I really felt under pressure throughout the day as there was so much to see and do. as usual, I caught up with lots of people. Really inspiring show this year.

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