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My View

Thursday, 21 November 2013


At the recent Targe show, Oldmeldrum Wargames Group ran a participation game based on Operation Biting, The Bruneval raid during WW2 .
The game was spread over two tables. On the first table, the three squads attacking the house and radar were each played by one player. On the other table, three players took the three squads tasked with clearing a path for the exfiltration.  
My view of the battlefield. The 'lone house' clearing which was my section's objective.
You can see the divider that split the battlefield. There was one turn's distance between each table. Alistair, resplendent in his Red Beret, umpires the battle to secure the exit point.
My section moves forward to take the house. The supporting section on the right were to provide support and also to suppress the fire coming from La Presbtyre (represented as off table fire)
My section prepared to assault the house, but took fire from the flank from a pill box and failed to act, due to the pin markers.
Here is the offending pillbox. It defends the radar, the crew of which are seen running for cover in response to fire from Rick's section. Not their primary role, bu welcome.
Rick was in charge of the team with the engineers, tasked with getting the parts from the radar. In the background Tony-Peter Carter is part of the team clearing the way for the exfiltration on the other table.
Rick's section managed to reach the radar and, after a turn, successfully recover the radar parts and set explosives to destroy the rest of the installation.
Your humble blogmaster, with a natty titfer, trying his best to emulate the heroics of the real Red Berets.
Finally, my section managed to get moving again. They had failed in their prime objective: the house had been cleared by the support section. They poured fire into the pillbox to suppress it, while the other sections cleared it.
The mission now complete, the three sections make for the exfiltration point. Thankfully Tony-Peter and the others had cleared the Germans from the area and the mission was declared a success.
My section suffered two casualties. I managed to get 5 VP for my actions.
                                    Rick's section was a bit more successful!

This was an enjoyable hour. The rules were stripped down Bolt Action with a dose of common sense. I know that Alistair and the boys put in a lot of hours building the terrain and testing the scenario.

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