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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Our Thursday game this week was another go at Star Trek: Attack Wing. This time we tried more than one ship per side. The scenario I chose is set during Gowrons assault on the Cardassians. The Klingons have two Negh' Var class warbirds and a Gr'oth class. Gowron himself is on the Gr'Oth.

This force was intercepted by three Cardassian Galor class cruisers. The forces were balanced pointswise with the Cardassians getting initiative due to a 5 point deficit.  I took the Cardassians and Rick, the Klingons. Each side had a random, pointed selection of upgrades to attach to each ship. The forces were deployed semi randomly. This resulted in a  bit of distance between the fleets with each side having an outrider that was closer to the other fleet. These soon clashed.

                                    Any hits were absorbed by shields or evaded.

            Both fleets moved to support the isolated ships. This soon lead to a general action.

          Kraxon arrives to support it's fellow Galor class cruiser, by attacking the Gr'oth class cruiser.

In the confused combat, the Nekh'var manages to damage one of the Galor class cruisers, whose shields had been worn down.

                                  However, it manages to score five hits on Gowron's ship.

Enraged by the plight of their leader, the Klingons destroy two of the Cardassian cruisers, including Kraxon. The remaining Cardassian ship managed to escape with one hit remaining. Gowron managed to save his stricken ship. He transferred to one of the other cruisers and set off to join Martok in his assault in a certain space station!

An exciting, fast moving game. The cardassians collapsed quickly. The Klingons were able to concentrate fire on two cruisers and this led to losses in quick succession or CLGs*.

This might be a result of fighting a stand up battle. It may be different playing scenarios, as there may be more balance.
* Combat Loss Groupings, as any student of Lanchester knows. Right Rick!


  1. RIght now Klingons have some of the best synergy in the game while the Dominion is One faction split into three groups that don't like playing with each other.
    How did you like the game with more than one ship?

    1. Sheepish,

      Game works well with more than one ship. As well as trying to work out where the enemy is going to be, you have to make sure your own ships don't come together! Balanced the game pointswise, but the Klingons were able to concentrate their firepower by taking advantage of the poor Cardassian manouverability. I have seen some of the ships coming in waves 2 and 3; some interesting choices.