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My View

Sunday, 24 November 2013


This Thursday's game was another crack at Star Trek Attack Wing. Following on from our previous game, Gowron is leading an attack on station Deep Space 9 to neutralise members of the Detapa council. 
DS9 is supported by a Galaxy class ship commanded by Captain Ryker. The Defiant is commanded by Captain Sisko.
                    Defiant lays a minefield, vaguely aware of the cloaked Klingon cruiser.
                   The Galaxy class scores three hits on another Klingon cruiser.
The station's tactical weapons systems score three hits on Gowron's cruiser. One is negated by discarding the 'Redshirt' upgrade.
Gowron beams down with an away team to try and capture the station. This disrupts the defence of the station.

Meanwhile, the Federation ships concentrate on the second Klingon cruiser.
The weakened Galaxy class is destroyed by Gowron's cruiser. Ryker, LaForge and Data are presumed lost!
  The third Klingon cruiser has avoided the battle and beams reinforcements aboard DS9.
 The Klingon reinforcements tip the balance and DS9 is captured. Sisko on Defiant bugs out to fight another day.

Rick continued his role as the Klingons from the last game. The fact that we were playing a scenario gave the game a bit more meaning. It allowed Rick to use deception to confuse me as to how he would  carry out his attack. This resulted in my not being able to beam reinforcements onto the station as I was involved in combat.

We played the 'Destroy the space station' scenario. Rick exceeded his objective by capturing it! This was possible because the scenario was from one of the expansion packs and used a smaller station counter, whereas I had managed to obtain the DS9 template from the Dominion organised play programme, which was able to act as a ship and make use of upgrades.

The way the game ended leaves plenty of scenario possibilities for the future.

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