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My View

Saturday, 16 November 2013


My Orcs took on the Dirz of Del in the latest battle in our Songs of Blades of Heroes campaign.

Derek was the attacker. The scenario was 'Burn Them Out' in standard terrain. This was the second game in a row that we had rolled this scenario. This time I was defending. My initial set up is shown below.

My orcs were spread out to try and anticipate where the Dirz attack would come from. Defence is not a strong suit of Orcs.

This was amply displayed when my ogre raced at some Dirz, one of which was carrying a burning brand. Despite slaying one, the remaining two Dirz knocked him down and finished him off.
 This nice terrain piece served as a cross between Valhalla and a scene from Stardust.
                       The Tiger of Dirz attacked and killed my leader.

                          Almost at the same time, my archer was killed.

 The Dirz now advanced and set fire to the forward operating base (hut!). One grunt was transfixed by the Dirz mage, whilst another was killed by a bowshot from the Dirz archer.

    The transfixed grunt was dispatched and my wizard was shot dead by the archer. Only one grunt escaped!
The spirits of most of my warband ended up watching the preceedings from a very fuzzy orcish Valhalla (not deliberate, poor photography).

A very quick victory for Derek: didn't even reach the chorus!

The amount of kills was down to good throwing by Del and poor throwing by the orc commander.

The after battle rolls saw me net some more cash and a watchtower. All my warband are back for the next battle with a couple of new recruits. Don't think the result would have been different though.

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