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Sunday, 24 November 2013


The latest battle in our Songs of Blades & Heroes Wednesday night campaign saw Del's Dirz take on David's Dark Elves. Del was the attacker and, for the first time in the campaign, selected a raid special scenario. The aim was to rescue his sorceror, who had 'died' in an earlier battle against the Dark Elves.

The first few rounds saw the Dirz approach, only to be attacked by the lizard rider. The lizard rider made no impression and was attacked and killed by the Tiger of Dirz. Bodies were not removed as there was a necromancer on the table.

Following another individual attack by the Unicorn Necromancer, the Dark Elf hero attacked with support. In the resulting combat, the Unicorn is killed (bodies can be removed).
The Dark Elf hero rampaged through the Dirz; causing two gruesome kills. The morale checks associated with these, so disorganised the Dirz that they gave up on their lost compatriot.

The standings in the campaign are: David 6 campaign points; Derek 3 campaign points and Jeff 1 campaign point. First to 10 wins.

Although the post battle process allows both sides some benefits, it does help if you win consistently.

David rolled  'a chance encounter' on the exploration table. This involves randomly selecting another warband and setting up the 'accidental meeting' scenario. As this battle happens after the post battle process, it means that any casualties will not be coming back and there will be no treasure!

As my warband was selected, this means that I have two battles in a row against David. Interesting!

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