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My View

Sunday, 10 November 2013


This was the latest game in our Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign. My orcs took on David's dark elves. The scenairio was 'Burn Them Out' (apt as it was 6th November) in forest terrain, I was the attacker.

 The dark elves keep watch to make sure the orcs cannot easily attack their forward base.
The orcs split into two groups, with the grunts on the right and the ogre and wizard on the left.

The orcs approach.

Braving missile fire, which claimed the wizard, the ogre leads the rush forward.

The ogre is promptly gruesomely killed by David's hero. This causes all within sight to test morale. Most of the orcs recoil in terror.

The orcs regroup; only to be attacked by the dark elves.

In the melee, the dark elf hero is killed and the lizard rider disadvantaged.

As the melee progresses, the dark elves take revenge. One grunt is gruesomely killed, which terrorises one grunt. The others all stand, inspired by Grobag's leadership. However, Grobag is taken out of the fight in a duel. The other orcs flee the field.
My orcs never managed to get close to their objective. early losses meant I had to regroup, which allowed David to concentrate. The consolation was taking down the hero, but the losses were heavy.
In the post battle process, I acquired some gold, added to by my alehouse. I didn't spend any as I had no losses to replace, as all my warband came through the injury table unscathed. The two gruesomely killed  figures will sit out the next battle against Del.
When we rolled on the exploration table, David rolled up a unicorn to join his party; I lost one of my grunts who fell to his death while my warband was crossing a rickety bridge over a chasm! D'oh!


  1. Another enjoyable game Jeff.

    I love the way the campaign system pushes the narrative side, it almost feels like an RPG campaign...

  2. David,

    I particularly thought so during this game. The three of us were wrapped up in the narrative side of the game: trying to explain what happened in game terms by telling a story.

    The game itself is only part of it. The after battle actions really make it feel like an RPG campaign without the paperwork or preparation.

  3. I think it helped that we are all RPGers.