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My View

Sunday, 1 December 2013


We managed to fit in a second game last Wednesday. This was the next battle in the campaign between David's Dark Elves and my Orcs.

David won initiative and decided, as I have properties, to go for a raid. The raid was on my watchtower, in the hill lands of my territory.

The initial deployment. I deployed all but my ogres on the hill with the watchtower. David split his force into two.

The left flank party attacked and grusomely killed one ogre. This caused some of the grunts to run away after failing their morale tests.

The right hand ogre was overwhelmed and gruesomely killed by the right flank section of the Dark Elf warband.
The dark unicorn necromancer raises an ogre as a zombie.
      The ogre killed, the right flank section attack the hill, brushing aside the defenders.

 On the left flank, after taking losses, the hill is taken after the defenders run away after failing their morale roll, following a gruesome kill on one of them.

This was a very quick game. The result is that I have lost my watchtower and the benefit to initiative rolls that it gives. To compound a bad night, my exploration roll came up as a 'lost' result.


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