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Monday, 23 December 2013


Last Thursday's game was a game of Last Night On Earth. We used the original game with the Growing Hunger and Hero Pack 1 expansions added in. The scenario was 'Burn 'Em Out' , where the heroes have to find gasoline and an ignition source, then burn down the manor house (and it's four extra spawning pits). Rick controlled the Zombies and Aidan and I, the heroes.  

The initial set up. Sheriff Anderson in the Police Station, Father Joseph in the Church, Amanda in the High School and Sam in the Gas Station (he started in a random building).

The heroes did not have much luck in the early game. Searching for gasoline proved fruitless. The Zombies were well marshalled and very soon Amanda became the first Zombie Hero. She was replaced by Victor the escaped prisoner.
Victor is found in the High School by Father Joseph, who very soon after, became the second Zombie Hero. To be replaced by Detective Winters. 
Finally, Sheriff Anderson found some gasoline and wasted no time in making a beeline for the Manor house.
He doused one of the four spawning pits and returned to the Gas Station to take advantage of the fact that Rick had exposed two more gasoline counters whilst playing cards to run down the hero deck.
The heroes congregated at the gas station to use the building's special rule of being able to pick up a gasoline counter from the discard pile. Unfortunately, it brought the zombies. The red zombie is a grave dead zombie. These are 7 one shot zombies. All have the same random special power. On this occasion, when a hero was wounded, on a 5 or 6 he instantly became a zombie hero. Sadly, Sam succumbed to this.  
The heroes desperately tried to get to the manor house with two more lots of gasoline. However, Detective Winters was overwhelmed and became the fourth hero to die. Thus Rick was triumphant.

It was another good game. The extra expansions gave lots more options. Rick managed to play a couple of killer combinations that stalled the heroes. I misunderstood the true cabablities of gasoline and discouraged Aidan from taking actions that would have helped. You live and

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