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My View

Friday, 6 December 2013


Our Wednesday game this week was my Orcs taking on Del's Dirz. The scenario was Place of Power and the terrain was in hill land. There was heavy rain, which meant that models became disadvantaged if they rolled a 1 for any quality roll.

The initial set up. The place of power is 'the golden egg' an old Harry Potter chess pawn. The Dirz enter from the right, the orcs the left. Casualties and injuries on both sides from previous battles had had an effect. The Dirz were down to four figures and the Orcs seven. Grobag, my leader, missed this battle following a near deadly injury in my last battle. This caused some difficulty in coordinating my force.
As defender, I set up the terrain. Del, as the attacker chose the table edge closest to the place of power
It was not very easy for models to keep their feet. The Dirz seemed to have stumbled into a hidden stream bed running off the hill of power (well, how else to explain all the 1s Del rolled!)
The Dirz archer caused havoc, killing a grunt and hitting my wizard.

My grunts charged forward and after killing one Dirz, were repelled losing two killed.
As I had reached half strength, my force had to take a morale check, Which my wizard failed.
Whilst attempting to run awy, my grunt slips in the rain. The Dirz archer passes three dice to score a power strike with an arrow.
As my wizard rolled a 1 on his combat dice, compared to the archers 9, he succumbed to a gruesome kill.
The last grunt failed his morale check and headed off the table, slipping in his haste to escape.

Another failed mission, but all my casualties survived, although some will miss the next battle.

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