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My View

Monday, 2 December 2013


For last Thursday's game, Rick put on a Sci-Fi scenario to test how Flying Lead rules handled this genre.
The Scenario involved some Capitol forces trying to rescue a captured intelligence officer.  

The set up was clever. Rick got me, as defender, to place different coloured poker chips where I wanted the defenders to be. He then revealed that I was actually the attacker and then described the scenario to me. I set up my assault teams as shown above.

  My right flank squad ran slap bang into a heavy bolter. They took casualties, but wiped out the crew.

 The defenders are alerted by the firing. These were randomly generated by Rick.
The left flank squad make progress. However, the squad by the bridge are reluctant to move.

 The defenders manage to bring both squads under fire. The left flank squad makes little progress.
 Two of the right flank squad manage to get to the cover of the buildings while the others go to ground at the edge of the woods, some of them with malfunctioning weapons.
 The left flank squad have got across the bridge, but are not making headway.
At this point, with both squads held up and taking casualties, the decision to abort was taken.

This was a good try out. The emphasis in Flying Lead is on ranged combat, so it is better suited to a larger table area than the normal 3 by 3 foot area suggested for SOB&H. There were no problems handling laser and slug weapons. The system is realy meant for small warbands, almost role playing, but worked well, emphasising the morale effect side of things as well as the effect of fire.

Rick already has the next scenario in mind.


  1. Nice looking game!

    We are going to have to try Flying Lead, or possibly Mutants and Death Ray Guns!

    1. Great Battle report for a good looking game. Flying Lead may go on my x-mas list.

    2. We took the rules for the lasguns from Mutants and Death Ray guns, which looks very Gamma Worldish.