My View

My View

Sunday, 15 December 2013


For our Thursday game this week, Rick elected to revisit an earlier campaign, more accurately a linked series of battles, which we started earlier in the year.
The campaign started when Aidan and I controlled two Roman armies invading Britannia. we each played a scenario against an army of Britons. Aidan lost and his next game would take place in Gaul. I won so the first scenario we played was further into Britannia. 
Rick came up with a scenario based on Issus.The Britons were deployed with the Romans having a choice of deployment areas marked by the poker chips.
My view of the deployment zone and terrain on this 6' x 4' table.
My Romans deployed.

Early moves. The Roman auxila and lights move to disrupt the British warbands crossing the river. The British lights pick at the Roman flank from the high ground.

The first attack by the Britons is destroyed by the auxila.

The Briton barbarian chariots catch the Roman cavalry at rest and destroy the unit.

Behind the chariot attack, a unit of Roman medium infantry forces back a warband and then turns on the chariots, forcing them to retreat, before being forced to flee themselves.

The chariots came back to finish them off.

On the right flank, the British warbands attack.

The fight goes back and forth, with the Romans losing two units.This leaves the right flank threatened.

In the centre, the British warbands overwhelmed the Romans and their recently recruited local allies.
 At this point it was clear that the Romans would have to retreat to reorganise and reinforce nearer their landing beaches (the next scenario will be in a coastal area).
The result: 6 banners to 2.
A really exciting game, with lots going on all over the table. We managed a second game, which will form the basis of a second post.


  1. You always do very solid game play by plays. I have original Battlelore and have been looking to break into the C&C market. This only fuels by desire.
    My Wife won't be happy :)

  2. Thanks. We both have Battlelore. Rick spent a lot of time painting the figures, but we have only played a few games since we got it. Too much off table clutter. More likely to be used in an all day Saturday game than as an evening game. C&C is simple to set up and tidy away, both as a board game and using Hexxon.