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My View

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Our Wednesday game this week was, what turned out to be, the final game of our Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign.
Derek's Dirz took on David's Dark Elves. The scenario was 'on dangerous ground', which gave a chance of mishap or disappearance when in terrain. The battle was fought in forest terrain part of which contained a witch wood. This probably explained the strange terrain effects, and definitely explained why all the combatants thought that this battle was being fought in deep snow: how else can I explain the lack of winter terrain! 
David is on the case for next time. 
 Here we have the terrain with the Dirz on the right and Dark elves on the right. The snow meant that all movement was at one rate less (short instead of medium, etc.). The ford had to be crossed in one move, or else a risk throw for being in terrain would be required.

 The first few turns saw the Dark Elves make good progress towards and over the ford. Poor rolling by Del meant that his Dirz hardly moved and were only able to fire a few desultory arrows.

The sure footed dark elves were soon in amongst the reluctant Dirz.A general melee ensued with casualties on both sides.

     Two Dirz warriors fell. The dark elf hero fell as did their witch.
Numbers told in the end: a grusome kill on an unfortunate Dirz led to the remaining members of the warband retreating off the board after failing their morale rolls.

In the post game phase, only two of Del's casualties made it past the injury table. Then, to make matters worse, on the exploration table, he rolled 'Eldritch Graveyard. Not only did he not find anything, but the denizens of the graveyard killed another Dirz ( rolled a 2 to have to roll on the survival table, then a 1: dead!). All David's made it.

At this point with Del's warband only having three members and David well out in front with eight campaign points, we declared him the winner of the overall campaign.

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