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My View

Sunday, 8 December 2013


My old friend Neil, who lives abroad, was visiting. I had taken the day off to spend some time with him. As Timber Peak was going to be the Thursday game, we had a couple of games to familarise ourselves with the rules. 
         A shot from one of the afternoon games.

Rick joined us for the evening game. we played the 'Blow up the town' scenario. The heroes had to plant explosives in buildings in each of the the four corner sections while one hero had to be in the middle with the detonator, within 15 turns. I took control of the Zombies.
Early game., The Zombies appear to be concentrating around the power station. The heroes manage to place explosives in tw buildings.
The Zombies take over the power station. All buildings are affected by 'lights out' which makes it harder for heroes to move in buildings.
That doesn't stopthem though. Sally has a torch. She places the last explosive and just manages to avoid a Zombie attack.
                                        The moment of victory.

Any of the Last Night on Earth games will easily fill an evening and give an good, entertaining game. The success of the evening game was that it was quick, with little or no rules consultation, thanks to our familiarity. Nice and easy to get out and set up quickly when there is little time to set up a 'proper' figure game.


  1. After a couple games I have come to enjoy Last Night on Earth. I know there are several expansions, what exactly does Timber Peak bring to the table?

    1. Timber Peak is a stand alone game, but fully compatable with Last Night on Earth. It adds an experience system. Each wound caused gains experience which can be cashed in to get upgrades (both heroes and zombies). It also adds the fire rules from the Martian invasion game. There are also more experienced versions of original characters.
      We managed a game of the original on Saturday and didn't really notice too much of a difference. It adds a bit more depth.