My View

My View

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Real life both social and work has meant few chances to post recently. I will try to post over the next few days. 
              I saw these in the local WH Smith and, of course, could not resist.

The Lancaster is 1:144 and is a B1 with a Tallboy. The models in this series will be 1:144 and 1:200. The 1:144 might fit in with the Wings of War fighters that I have. The next model will be the Junkers Ju290.
The Military Vehicles series is interesting. The scale is 1:72 which will fit in with some of my wargames projects. The M35 gun truck is a model with potential for conflicts in the 1960s and1970s. However, these models are really intended as models and appear to be a bit fragile for gaming use, well the M35 is: I have already had to glue one of the machine guns back on. Photos in a future post. 

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