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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


The second game of our continuing Commands & Colors campaign involved a Roman force, reorganising in Gaul, following their failure to land in Britannia. They are attacked by a force of opportunistic force of Belgae.

 The initial dispositions. The Romans have a part their force encamped behind ramparts.
 The Roman cavalry are driven from the flank by the Belgae light horse, effectively taking them out of the game.
The early moves, as the Romans try to shorten their front in the face of the Belgae attack.

The Belgae light troops try to pin down the Romans to allow the main body of warbands to get into position to attack.

The Romans leave the camp and advance to contact. They drive back the light troops and contact some of the warband in the centre.

On the Roman right flank, a unit under attack by two warbands destroys one by using first strike. Then in their own turn, they use clash of shields, which gives two extra attack dice, to destroy the other warband and save the flank.
The clash begins in the centre. Warband exchanges casualties with legion.

The fighting intensifies in the centre with the Romans fighting their way forward.
The Begae chariots make a hole in the Roman line.

The battle in the forrest intensifies. Both sides lose units. The Belgae have reached 6 banners. The Romans have a chance to tie if they can destroy two units in their last turn.

Despite a brave effort by a unit of bows, destroying a weakened warband, the Romans lost by 6 banners to 5.
This loss means that the Romans have been recalled to deal with a rebellion in central Gaul. Only once they have beaten the rebels can they return to the coast to try to get to Britannia.
It was good to be able to get two games in in an evening. Playing linked battles is preferrable to random games. You get the feeling of something at stake if you lose. Ultimate victory will be determined by the Romans taking all the areas of Britannia. If they are pushed back to Rome, then civilisation never happens!

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