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Monday, 1 July 2013

Wenesday Game: 40K Annihilation.

As Del was away on a short holiday, Wednesday's game was an an Annihilation scenario with a dawn of war deployment.

                      Initial deployment. Two troops and an HQ each. Night rules in effect.
I deployed two squads of Necon Warriors and a Lord. David deployed a squad of Fire Warriors, a Kroot warband and his commander in a battlesuit.

The rest of the forces deployed during the first turn.
The position after the Necron turn 1.

Scene on the Necron left. Scarabs and Tomb Spiders face the Kroot and Pihranas. The Necron Warriors take a toll of the Kroot, but still they come!

The position at the end of the Necron turn 2.

Firefight and assault between Kroot and Necron Warriors. Despite suffering casualties, the warriors put the Kroot to flight. Most of the casualties 'came back' at the end of the turn..

Tomb Spiders flanked by Pirhanas.
Flayed ones Deep Strike into a hail of fire and are wiped out.

 The game was lost and won on this combat. The loss of the Tomb Spider made it two units lost for the Necrons to the Tau one. Time meant we were only able to finish three turns.

End state.
An entertaining game that filled an evening. 1000pts a side, 5th edition rules.

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