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Saturday, 29 June 2013

World War Z and Despicable Me 2.

I saw World War Z last Saturday morning. There had been mixed reviews, so I was not sure what to expect. Fans of the book had criticised it as it moved away from the original theme of survivors sharing their experiences. Reviewers had criticised the reworked ending of the film.

The opening scenes got off to a good start, with a mixture of exposition and action. It was strange trying to watch the unfolding action without being distracted by trying to identify the familiar Glasgow landmarks that were filling in for Seattle.

Brad Pitt plays an ex UN worker who is phoned up by his ex boss and asked to help save the world. He has to find the source of the disease that has caused people to become things that everyone goes to great lengths not to call zombies. He travels to South Korea, Jerusalem and Wales and works out a way to combat the disease. A way is found to distibute the countermeasure. That is the plot in essence.

It is an entertaining film, especially in 3D. However, there were many things that grated as unlikely, even in a movie plot, not the least the ending. How a world that was overun and almost destroyed one minute can suddenly find the manufacturing and transport resources to distribute a solution is beyond me.

I would describe it as Outbreak meets 28 Days Later, with a similar saccharin ending to War of The Worlds. Brad Pitt's character would make a good Captain Scarlet!

As a counterpoint, I can enthusiastically recommend Despicable Me 2 as great family entertainment and a very funny, and at times poignant film.

Gru has gone legit, and is running a straight business. He is kidnapped by the Anti Villain League, who need help in catching a supervillain, who has holed up in a mall. He works undercover in a cake shop. There are lots of shennanigans and pratfalls before the unmasking of the supervillain.

Once again the Minions steal the show. Especially in the closing song and dance and during the closing credits, which are worth watching in 3D, especially the bubbles!

Don't miss this film in 3D!

Neither film has post credit extras past the producer credits.

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