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My View

Friday, 7 June 2013


I have been guilty of  a lack of focus in my gaming (haven't we all?) for years. During last Thursday's game I had an idea of how to prioritise my projects.

Hopefully, this is one of the only times I will mention my work. My employer has been introducing their version of Lean working processes. Part of the induction process involves a role play, using Sticklebricks, to demonstrate how gradual changes to processes and visual management can improve efficiency. I enjoyed the excercise.

My idea was to use visual management, to keep me focused, by setting out a list of three projects and concentrating on these till completion. The first three projects will be:

28mm Interwar/VBCW; 28mm Sci Fi and 15/20mm early WW2 project.

My thinking is influenced by the fact that we are gaming 28mm Sci Fi using Fubar rules already and my recent VBCW purchase from Carronade is a core that can be built on, using figures that I already own, to game 1930's games using Fubar. The early  WW2 project will use a combination of 15mm to fight larger battles and 20mm for skirmish games. Once again, I already own enough figures to game this period.

My fellow gamers can be trusted to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I will keep you updated.

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