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Monday, 24 June 2013

Thursday Game: VBCW with a Scottish Twist.

The Thursday game this week saw me get a chance to use the Very British Civil War figures that I bought at Carronade a few weeks back.

Taking inspiration from the Armies And Enemies Of  The Scottish Republic by Solway Crafts and Miniatures, I developed a scenario. It was a test of the FUBAR rules, as VBCW is only a background, with no set rules.

The scenario was set somewhere in the Southwest of Scotland, where the BUF and their Unionist allies are active, but rub against Republican control. The local Unionists had been plagued by some Republican deserters. They had used their influence to have a section of BUF troops assigned to support two groups of farmers and farmhands and the local laird and his staff in removing the threat.

At the same time, a Republican patrol was investigating a tip off about a Workers Militia arms dump in the area.

The arms dump is at the top left, while the deserters are holed up in River Bend Farm, middle right.  Forces: BUF 2 fire teams of 5 with Lt Kyle, a veteran of Spain, in charge; The Laird and 5 staff; 7 farmers and farmhands and a Carden Lloyd carrier with MMG.
Republicans: 1 section split into two fire teams of 4 rifles and an LMG team.

Both sides were aware that there were civilians in the area and to avoid shooting the innocent ones!

Both forces arrive on the table. The BUF rush to get to the deserters, whilst the Republicans quietly patrol their way onto the table.

The irregular forces blaze away at the first thing they see, causing a potential casualty in the Republican patrol, which are now supported by a light tankette.


The three pictures above show the firefight between the Unionists and the Republicans. The tankettes fired at each other. The BUF tankette suffered a movement hit then had it's main gun damaged. The Republican tankette had it's LMG damaged.

In the centre, the BUF forces advanced, and after a sharp firefight, pushed the Republicans back.
A sympathiser from the League of St Andrew is discovered and, despite wounding one servant, is shot by the Laird!

To complicate things, the Workers Militia turn up to collect their arms shipment. One of the servants tries to stop them, with predictable results!

But, their cache had been discovered! Pushed back under fire, the farmers assault and overwhelm the two reds guarding the stash. The pictures below show the end state. The Republicans fought to a standstill, but reinforced by their, probably temporary, allies: the deserters. The BUF were fought to a standstill. We didn't have time to finish the game.

Rick was Republican, Aidan BUF and I controlled the random element with the odd event happening! I overcomplicated the scenario: with too much happening; the terrain was too dense (only 7 deaths on both side all night!) and too much role playing?

An enjoyable evenings gaming!

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