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My View

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Man Of Steel.

I saw Man of Steel last week. I had been looking forward to this new reboot. I was not disappointed! The first 30 miutes or so are set on Krypton. This is a Krypton different from any other portrayed on film. It has been re-imagined in a Gothic/40K type style with a hint of insectoid. I would not have been disappointed if the film had stayed on Krypton.

This new telling of the story is darker with the humour stripped back. The story is told from the point of view of Kal-El and how he adapts to his new home planet. He is aided by Jor-El who exists as a computer/holographic projection. By the time of arrival of Zod, after 33 years, he has become fully acclimatised.

I will not say more on the plot for the benefit of those still to see the film.

Without the camp humour that we have seen in past films, the spititual side is more obvious. The sense of hope and some less than subtle religious and mythical references are more prominent.

I enjoyed the film immensely.

There is no after credit sequence.


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