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My View

Friday, 14 June 2013

Past the finishing post!

As I write this, my two weeks of leave have come to an end. Where did the time go? What did I manage to achieve?

The first week was mostly spent in finalising arrangements for a charity race night to raise funds for my mother's care home's minibus campaign. It was held at The Ashvale and raised £1,800 I am glad that it's over and that it was a success. I can highly recommend the Ashvale: both for a good fish supper and if you are looking for a venue for a charity event.

I had no Wednesday game, but Aidan has got into Bolt Action! at the Aberdeen Wargames Club, and offered to put on an introductory game for Rick and myself. I took the Japanese and Rick the US Marines. It was not a competitive game and we managed to test out most of the rules. No pics, as I forgot my camera again. The attrition level of the game was high. The activation system, using dice to determine the order and type of action works. This will easily be incorporated into our Fubar games.

After recovering from the race night, the second week was a bit of a mixed bag. My old friend and wargaming opponent Neil, made the temporary change from expat to native as he came back to deal with some domestic matters. We had a chance to catch up and have a game or two. The wargaming scene in Abu Dhabi is rather sparce, so Neil was happy to take part in a game of Combat Commander : Pacific on Wednesday and join our Thursday group for a game and a reunion.

This, and the films I have seen, will be separate posts.

                                                                           Thursday teaser.

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  1. Thursday Night Teaser, Teased long enough now when are we getting the rest of the photos.