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My View

Thursday, 30 May 2013

No rest for the wicked!

Pressure of work and domestics have curtailed my usual gaming week. I was not able to get to the games night on Wednesday. This was a real blow as one of our former Wednesdayites, Mike,  had briefly escaped his exile in Durham. I did manage to see him for a few minutes today at our FLGS, Plan 9,  which is just around the corner from my work.

Thursday was restricted to a last minute game of Combat Commander Pacific: a repeat of the Operation Cherry Blossom Scenario D, with the sides reversed from two weeks ago.

                                The perfect combination of a place of work and wargaming!

Alas, although I will be on leave for the next two weeks, the first week I will be involved in organising a charity event to raise funds for a minibus for my mother's care home. Time to myself will be at a premium!

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