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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wednesday Night 40K Bash.

Our Wednesday game this week was David's Tau versus Del's Eldar. The scenario rolled up was exactly the same as last week's : capture and control, with spearhead deployment.

The initial deployment. The Tau are defending the Derrick end of the table. The derrick is available from .

Early turns. The Kroot are devastated in a firefight.
The Howling Banshees and Wraithguard destroy the remaining Kroot and a Fire Warrior squad.

A flank attack by Piranhas hit the Eldar hard. Out of shot, the Eldar Striking Scorpions have deep struck into the rear of the Tau deployment zone, taking out the Hammerhead and the Fire Warriors squad at the derrick.
After dispatching the Piranhas, the remaining Wraithguard head to support the Striking Scorpions, who are under attack from the Tau commander. The centre of the table is pretty empty of figures now.
The Crisis Battlesuits sneak towards the Guardians, to try to deny the objective to the Eldar.
This result, for the Tau commander trying to hit the Striking Scorpions, sums up David's dice throwing for the night!

The clash between the Crisis Suits and the Guardians. And the aftermath! This meant the game ended in a draw because neither side had troops, which were the counting units for holding the objectives.

The end state. Two Wraithguard and the Farseer are all that remain of a 1000pt Eldar force. One Krootox, the commander and three Crisis Suits are all that remain of the Tau. A very bloody and hard fought draw.

Hopefully the next game will be my Necrons against the Tau.


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