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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Thursday Game: Encounter on Cedex.

Our Thursday Game this week was a FUBAR Sci Fi scenario.

Planet Cedex hosts a processing plant, supplied by local mines, of a vital ingredient in weapons and fuel production. It was invaded by and is controlled by the Imperium. The Coalition of Free Planets have organised an attack by a speacial unit of aerospace fighters. They have arranged for the indigenous irregular forces to attack the AAA units to reduce losses. Following a tip off, the Imperial forces know that the irregulars will be attacking and have set ambushes. The scenario represents one of many attacks.

The irregular forces consisted of two squads of green troops, with veteran officers, and two regular squads. The local resitance commander was also present with his veteran command squad.

The imperial forces were one green garrison squad. There was also a regular and veteran squad starting concealed.

                                           The irregulars advance towards their objective.

                                          A concealed Imperial squad springs the ambush.

                        Many go to ground. How many are casualties? How many are cowering?
Cutting the wire.

The irregulars manage to clear the ruined church, with the aid of a flamethrower from the command squad.

The AAA engages an attacking craft. What is the APC up to?

The second concealed Imperial squad opens fire with devastating effect!

The previously unengaged garrison squad pours fire into the irregulars. In the foreground, the AAA gun has disengaged.

The ambushers were hit by the fire of two squads but managed to put down some figures from one of the squads.

The irregulars were held up by the garrison squad in the building. At this point the irregulars were recalled as the raid had been completed.

The irregular forces retreat, the mission ended. The Imperial squad has taken casualties, though most of those put down were only cowering.

The irregulars had to take the AAA out by turn 8, but failed, mainly because of poor activation rolls and deadly fire from the ambushing squad. The raid went in, but was only moderately sucessful. The reason the APC was involved will stay secret, and may be revealed in future scenarios.

The rules used were FUBAR with local adjustments. When a hit is scored, the figure is knocked down. The next time the unit activates, the result is diced for. The figure can be dead, stays down wounded/cowering or gets back up.

The simple fast game allows a degree of narative gaming, where the results of die rolls can be explained in terms of what might have happened in reality.

Another view of this game can be found here .

The inspiration for the scenario came from seeing Mosquito Squadron last Saturday. The use of effects and flying scenes from 633 Squadron reminded me of the film and the German ambushes of the resistance. Yes Rick, that's why the Airstrike used the codeword Volcano!

The result of this scenario will feed into the next one. There are lots of strange Fauna to meet on Cedex!

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