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Monday, 20 May 2013

Carronade 2013.

Carronade is the Falkirk District Wargames Club annual show. It has been on the go for about 5 or 6 years now. I have managed to attend all the shows from the start. It has developed into, arguably Scotland's biggest wargames show.

This year, I travelled down with David from We had booked a table for the first two hours of the 'flea market' style bring and buy. I prefer this style of selling as it is easier for you to make deals and you don't have to wait around at the end of the day to get your money or goods returned. I had taken along a selection of redundant projects that I priced to sell. I managed to move on all but one of them through being flexible in my dealings. And I picked up a great selection of VBCW figures and vehicles. Overall, I made a small profit.

Our show really didn't start till after lunch. After making a few planned purchases from 4A Figures and Crooked Dice, I had a tour around the tables.

Bathgate Wargames Club always do great participation games. This one was no exception, with giant ants invading a small American town. Sadly, this is the only photo that was of good enough quality to show.
Border Reiver did a nice 'Wild Geese' game.
I liked this VBCW game, with DEATH stalking the battlefield! It was part of the Scottish Civil War.Using 'Went the Day Well?' rules.
Another VBCW game. I think by the Gentleman's Wargames Parlour.

 Two views of 'A Picnic on Skull Island. A Back of Beyond style game.

Da Battle For Orc's Drift.

Some random games to give you a flavour of what was available.

The Leuchars crew always come up with innovative participation games. Here the players each have three aircraft with which to attack the USS Essex, if they can avoid the Flak! If they lose all three aircraft, they get one more aircraft to mount a Kamikaze attack with. I didn't get to play it, but Rick and Aidan did. Before each game, the players prayed to the emperor at the shrine, drank a toast in Saki (fizzy water!), then put on their bandana!

I am hoping that they will be at some of the other Scottish shows so that I can play.

Apart from my planned purchases, I picked up some terrain and accessories, mostly from Ainsty and Kallistra.

One of the better Carronades!
Almost forgot Oldmeldrum and the Battle of Bantry Bay.

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